Theme(s): Interracial,
Publisher: After Dark Press

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A Knight’s Pride
Repressed. It was the exact word Lexi Pride would use
to describe herself. She was certain her friends felt the
same way. Why else would they purposefully exclude
her from their planned outing at the annual Exotic
Erotica Masquerade Ball? Well, she’d just show them
she could be as sultry and decadent as the renowned
event was reported to be.

Zeke Knight was just along for the ride. After all what
hot-blooded shifter would miss the opportunity for a
night of debauchery with one or two willing females,
certainly not him. The last thing he expected was to
find the woman he wanted to bind himself to for all

Primal Callings
Was it really so wrong to want financial independence
from her pack and to never have to answer to a
controlling shifter for her well-being? Kayla Terran
didn’t think so, which was why she poured her talents
and financial resources into becoming a premiere
designer. Unfortunately, her tunneled vision may have
been the reason she made one… or two unsavory
business choices. Now, she’s in over her head and left
with the most distasteful option of all…turning to a
male shifter to bail her out.
Like his inner liger, Zihao Lao Hu preferred a solitary
existence and wished his family would honor his
desire for privacy. Yet he continued to find himself
pulled into one crisis after another. Even his mother’s
American relatives, who pretended he hadn’t existed
most of his life, were getting in on the action. Family
honor be damned he was determined not to get
tangled in anyone else’s affairs. Then he met the feisty
train wreck that was Kayla and all bets were off. Now
the only alone time he wants is with the she-wolf who
ignited all his primal desires.
5 Blue Ribbons
Romance Junkies Reviews
I loved this story that had more than a few nods to the classic tale of
Cinderella. No other author is able to combine romance, compelling
story telling, laugh-out-loud dialogue, and hot sex, in quite the same
way as Ms. Foxx. The characters are so realistically drawn the reader
can almost see and hear them. The world building is superb. You will
be grinning when you read the last word in this novella, I promise you.
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Romance Junkies Reviews
4 Stars...The Sleeper 1: Any Witch Way Cafe is a great story. I am
waiting with bated breath for the next installment of this series. Racine,

I enjoyed Any Witch Way Café. It's a lighthearted romance with a
charming and spirited witch, and a gentle but dominant Sleeper. I
enjoyed Any Witch Way Café and the ending will enchant those who
enjoy reading paranormals. Bella March, Joyfully Reviewed

4 Angels...This is a fun read, as the story builds nicely with light,
teasing dialogue, sensuality, and just a hint of the unknown. Amanda
S, Fallen Angels Review

Multiple O's...From the moment the invisible Falcon touches her
Christine goes up in flames -- and when he manifests in his natural
form -- well, those flames become an inferno. Humor, romance, and
sinfully hot sex make ANY WITCH WAY CAFÉ a winner.

Isabelle Spencer, RRTEROTIC

4.5 Hearts Christine Douglas might be your average everyday witch,
but she sure awoken one hell of a man. I enjoyed reading this story, I
found the scenes and interactions between the two characters to be
sexy and erotic. Margo Arthur, The Romance Studio

4 Bookmarkers! What a mighty good man!...I would advise grabbing a
tall glass of cold water because you are going to need it once you
experience Cor and Lexi's scorching, hot loving. -Wild on Books

4 Cherries! The initial meeting had me reaching for something to cool
myself down. And it just kept getting hotter from there. - Whipped Cream
Theme(s): Interracial,
Publisher: After Dark Press

An Excerpt
Available at:
All Romance Ebook
Christine Douglas is your average, everyday witch,
shop. With the exception of a little family drama, she’d
be the first to admit her life is pretty ordinary. Well, if
you call having a voyeuristic spirit lurking about

The Sleeper 2: A Witch Scorned
A woman scorned. That description didn’t explain half
of what Dr. Alexis “Lexi” Douglas felt. She knew she
wasn’t alone. In her practice she’d talked with enough
women to see the psychological damage caused by
men and quite frankly she was tired of preaching
about empowerment and ready to demonstrate a little
of it, witch style.