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Never Too Late
Description: IR, Contemporary, Shifter, Older Female/Younger Male
Please Note:  This excerpt has not been edited
Forty was far from being over the hill - even in women years - but Angela Pratt didn't claim
to be a spring chicken either. She was comfortable in the middle and proving there was life
after divorce. Okay, so she couldn't claim many great affairs, or even mediocre one's, but
she was content in the knowledge that she was forging out a peaceful and happy life for
herself. Heck, she was even giving serious thought to bringing a feline companion in her
life, something she could never do while married because of her ex's allergies.

Cats came in all shapes, sizes, ages and yes forms of hotness. Angela was about to find out
just how true the latter statement was when Marcus Fagan enters her life and proves that
it's never too late for adventure.
Chapter 1