Gargoyle Series Reviews
Theme(s): Interracial, Shapeshifters
Length: Novella  
Publisher: After Dark Press
Coming March 2012
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5 Ribbons...This edition has been revised as it was previously split into two
novellas. It is the depth, sheer quality and fascinating world-building, combined with
Ms. Foxx's wonderful storytelling ability that will enrapture lovers of paranormal
romance. Ms. Foxx is in my opinion, one of the top four writers of interracial
romance. So prepare to fall in love - with her writing and her characters.  - Romance
For Lorn De LaRue, Gargoyles have always
been as common place as the humans they
are sworn to protect. It's up to Lorn to make
sure their existence is preserved -- by any
means necessary. Right now the means
ebony beauty who never imagined her
interest in Gothic folklore would force her into
a world she had never known exist. Time is
running out, and Lorn is determined Fatima
will come to terms with her new life as his

Fatima finds herself thrust into a reality that
includes Gargoyles, Elves, Succubae... oh
my! Unsure of the new world around her,
she's torn between her new lover, old friend
and the beasties threatening the very
existence of the human race. Who can she
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Length: Novella  
Publisher: After Dark Press
Coming August 2012
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Ebony Beauties Wanted To Marry Rich to
relocate. Criterion: Winged Shaped
Birthmark. Tattoos are not acceptable!!!
Aman Jacobs almost fell out of her chair after
reading the personal ad on the cover of her
morning paper. It had to be a joke. What kind
of gold diggers would respond? Better still
what type of desperate old man would place
the ad in the first place? To each his own!
She just knew she and her little winged
birthmark were going to stay clear. Theirs
was a chance meeting and Sergei Romanov
considered himself a lucky gargoyle to have
found his mate so quickly while others of his
species faced an uncertain future. He longs
for the day when his little hell-cat will accept
their union instead of tormenting him at every
turn. Just when it seems the couple has
reached an insurmountable impasse a snap
decision threatens to tear the pair apart
permanently and push Sergei to the point of
no return.

5 Stars
This is a delicious romance, and a series I can’t get enough of. If you love a well
written paranormal romance with great world building then do not delay in
purchasing this book, and the previous one, GARGOYLE’S MATE.

I’ve never looked at gargoyles on buildings in quite the same way since, and I urge
Ms. Foxx, ‘Please write faster!’
Reviwed by: CYD (
Night Owl Romance)

4 Angels  Having read only one of the Gargoyle books, I wondered if I would be able
to enjoy this story without reading the second book in this series. Even with a few
missing pieces, this story was just as interesting as the first. Ms. Foxx used an
appealing couple, an “I don’t need anyone” heroine and a hero who refuses to take
no for an answer to create a clash of wills that was fun to watch. I’m still awestruck
at Ms. Foxx’s ability to make a creature that I always looked on in horror seem more
exciting than most of the shifter breeds I’ve read in the past. I look forward to seeing
what the future holds for Aman and Sergei as they come to terms with their
opposing personalities.

Reviewed by: Rachelle (Fallen Angels Review)
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Theme(s): Interracial, Shapeshifters
Length: Novella  
Publisher: After Dark Press
Coming Spring 2013
Available at:
She was the one he couldn’t afford to let get
away. But for years Jean De La Rue tried his
best to forget the woman whose memory
imprinted itself on his very soul. It might be
madness but his need was too great to deny
forever.  He had to have her back.

What happened in the past should remain in
think about the man she met fourteen years
ago because it only ended in her wanting a
repeat performance of the naughty things he’
d done to her, preferably all night long.  But
her libido would have to take a backseat to
the questions she needed answers to.  Her
son’s life depended on it.
Score: 4.50 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick (Night Owl Reviews)
and far between in the story, but when they take place all calm and cool thoughts
are off! The plot also kept me reading to find out when and where the hero, Jean,
and heroine, Emma, were going to meet again. The succubus and her evil
attentions to go after the child they created together added some delicious tension
to the story. It kept me rooting for the hero, the heroine, and his friends to foil the foul
actions. I especially like one of Jean's friends Max; he is hilarious and helps keep
the story moving along.
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