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Haven Series
Theme(s): Interracial,
Shapeshifter, menage
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4.5 Stars... Nia Foxx writes stories that will keep you interested and
characters that will reach out from the pages of her book, grab you by
the hand, and pull you right in. Every character in this story had a
purpose and contributed towards story.

Ashlei’s sister Reigna was funny, calling Seth a wolf in sheriff's
clothing, and drawing pictures of what Ashlei’s and Seth’s children
would look like, saying that they were faces only a mother could love.
This story was so enjoyable, the heat between the main characters
radiated from the pages. However, there are a few loose ends left
hanging such as who is kidnapping girls and burying their clothes that
were left unresolved. These I’m sure will be answered in future books.
Overall, Haven: Rules of Mating is an excellent read one that I’m sure
will appeal to everyone. - Long and Short Reviews

4 Nymphs... The heat generated between Ashlei and Seth is intense.  
Their relationship was not always smooth, even at the end, which is
more true to life than a lot of other stories, but the resolution was done

This series will have to be read in order if the mystery is any indication,
but I am looking forward to it. - Literary Nymphs

4 Crowns...Bookswagger Danielle: Four Crowns, good read, on the
way to swagger. I liked the concept of a community of different shifters
that openly embrace shifting and by that I mean there wasn’t a lot of

I commend the author for not changing Ashlei’s “non” shifter status. I
must admit from other books I’ve previously read I was totally expecting
her to suddenly be able to shift. I probably would have been rolling my
eyes but I expected it none the less.

I really liked Seth, I’m not sure if something is wrong with me but I
loved when he took the control out of Ashlei’s hand, basically acting
like a caveman. Seth truly embodied an alpha male and I enjoyed it. I
also liked Ashlei, although I would have liked her to stand up to the
community more. I hated to see her experience those insecurities. In
my mind I was screaming you are a strong women show them whose
boss, you’re the only doctor in town (who needs who) so demand their

Despite my female empowerment mojo I really enjoyed the book. I can
tell it will be one of a series and I will definitely read the next one. -

The Romance Studio - 4.5 Hearts In Haven: Rules of Mating author Nia
Foxx takes readers on a thrill ride with a marvelous cast of characters
and a sexy-page turner with the perfect blend of action, passion, sexual
tension and a little danger that is guaranteed to have the reader craving
more from this delightful author. Ms. Foxx's sense of humor shines by
creating laugh-out-loud witty ripostes, plenty of wild escapades and
outrageous pleasure in this story that is sure to tease and satisfy with
its original plot and unconventional characters. Seth, Ashlei and the
rest of the residents both young and old from Haven keep the pages
flying and easily capture the imagination to the point that readers will
embrace them and never want to let them go with the ending of the
story. The sexy mating shenanigans are sensual, playful and steamy
with enough sexual tension and amusing delights to captivate and
enchant the reader. Two Lips Review - 4 Lips rating This is the first in
the Haven series and what a treat it is. Very fun read. I loved that Ms.
Foxx gave us a complete story. It is obvious that there will be more
stories based within the town of Haven but we received closure on this
relationship which I appreciate. I looked forward to seeing what else
will happen with the residents of Haven.

Sensual Reads Review...4.5 stars

With her descriptive writing style, the reader has the feeling as though
they are in the pages of the story right along with the characters. I
couldn't put it down and I had a hard time not skipping to the back of
the book to see how the story plays out. I am looking forward to more
from this entertaining author!
Ashlei Preen had spent her entire childhood trying to
fit in with the residents of Haven.  A pretty tall order
for someone deemed a regular human in a town of
shifters.  Still, in spite of her minor “defect” she that
same tenacity, which saw her through childhood, to
her medical practice while trying to keep sane. Lately
her thoughts have been filled with the town’s newest
resident who seems more eager to be away from her
rather than share the same air space.

The little town of Haven was exactly what he needed.  
stream of crime that consumed his life as a Special
Forces detective.  He longed for the simplicity of the
thriving shifter town where he could be true to himself
and enjoy a frequent hunt without fear of being
tranqed – that really pissed him off.  Haven was
definitely a paradise for a lone wolf like him.  But even
paradise has its complications and for Seth it comes
equipped with a stethoscope and enough
determination to have him questioning his bachelor
status.  It isn’t long before the lines become blurred of
who’s chasing whom.