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The Rancher's Ultimatum
Genre(s): Contemporary, BDSM,
Domination & submission

Publisher: After Dark Press
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4.5 Blue Ribbons.  Oh my!  Every girl needs a sexy rancher like Jake Rangell!  Totally delicious, THE RANCHER’S ULTIMATUM was
completely savored in one sitting.  
Natasha, The Romance Junkies

4 Angels ...a funny story that genuinely made me laugh and smile when I wasn't sweating from the fireworks.
Rachelle, Fallen Angels Review

...their love story is very well written. Jake is alpha but not cruel and Lynn has plenty of spunk. The love scenes were inventive
and vividly written.
Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio

...5 kisses... I really loved The Rancher’s Ultimatum by Nia K. Foxx. She writes with such flair and puts such spice in her books.  
Jake just gives me goose bumps. He is the kind of man to give women naughty ideas.  For fans of erotic and powerful stories,
The Rancher’s Ultimatum is not to be missed!
Tara Renee, Two Lips Reviews
The Hattfield’s and McCoys had nothing on the
Harrington’s and Rangell’s.
Lynn James is called back to save the property
from the crafty yet handsome Jake Ragnall.
The feud between the families has yet to die,
and Lynn is trapped in the middle, torn
between her loyalty to the men who raised her
and the man who ignites her desire.

Jake Ragnall has loved Lynn for years, and
uses the opportunity to win her heart. To win
her family's ranch, she must spend the week
with him. Will his plans to dominate her help to
win her love, or push her away for good?
5 Angels...Nia Foxx has a way of writing characters that you can’t help but connect with.  I found you don’t want to miss. - Fallen Angel

5 Hearts...Passion and the hot scenes between these two characters were very well done... I like the way Ms Foxx made the book
come alive for you to truly enjoy. - The Romance Studio

4.5 Whipped Creams...I cannot stress how much fun this story is. It left me with a smile and a better appreciation for certain puns. If
you want to enjoy a unique twist in the shifter universe and experience a hot time reading, then Greenhouse Effect is the story I'd
-Whipped Cream 2

4.5 Nymphs...Wik and Jennifer fit like a hand and glove in their passionate love story...a riveting addition to the series that I consider to
be a must read and I am looking forward to the next one.
-Literary Nymphs
Greenhouse Effect

Genre(s): Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, BBW
Length: Novella

Publisher: After Dark Press

Horticulturist Jennifer Wilde of the Institute
of Flora and Fauna Research (IFFR)
knows a visit from the company’s new
CEO can’t be good news. The man is
rumored to have left a trail of ex-
employees in his wake. Determined to
deliver an A-1 presentation she’s far from
prepared for the instant attraction she
feels for the sexy executive. One thing’s
for certain, she’s never gone in for office
romances and she won’t start now.

Wik Redwood is in “heat,” or more
accurately in pollen. His urges are
definitely impacting everyone around him
and if he doesn’t mate soon… The
bottom line is he needs to find the right
woman, and fast. A fated crossing of
paths has him setting his sights on a
certain rubenesque scientist who makes
his roots tingle. He’s determined to have
her yielding to the Floran way of loving.
Best Made Plans
Cover: Anne Cain
ISBN (13): 978-1-59632-747-4
Genre(s): Contemporary
Theme(s): IR, Chic-Lit
Length: Novel

Publisher: Loose-id

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5 Angels! Best Made Plans is a wonderful story that brings real relationship issues up close and personal. - Fallen
Angels Review

When Ian and Samantha get together, they are a force to be reckoned with. The sexual tension from their first
meeting to when they eventually get together is a pleasure to watch. Ms. Foxx’s work is an auto buy for me, and
BEST Made PLAN is a welcome addition to my shelf. -Romance Junkies

The story begins with a cute BUPPY feel, two single black women, both at the top of their game spending an
evening out. In steps the man of the hour Ian and before long the story is focused on their romantic courtship which
left me wanting an Ian of my own to worship and cherish.  I LOVED the courting phase of Ian and Sam’s relationship.
- Joyfully Reviewed
An evening of downtime in a crowded
club sounded perfect to Sam. It was
the last place she'd dream of finding
Mr. Right. How was she to know she'd
meet six feet-three inches of pure
male sex appeal that made her
panties melt
Joi Jones needed money quick and if it meant
serving aboard the infamous the exotic erotic
masquerade ball being hosted, squeeze into the
provocative costume and plaster a great big fake
grin on her face.  After all, it was just two nights out
of her life and a way to keep the wolves away from
her door just a devastatingly handsome captain
she was only there to serve food and not on the
menu herself.

He was a pirate, or so he'd been dubbed in the
business world.  Ari Yngvar never balked at the
description feeling a strong kinship to his
buccaneering Norse ancestors.  Being offered the
command of the two-day erotica cruise sight of the
perfect wench to satisfy his marauding appetites.

The couple's attraction is instant, but Joi's
defiance and a little mischief from a female shifter
threaten to botch Ari's pursuit of the woman he'd
dubbed as his mate.  Fortunately, he couldn't be
easily swayed by distractions or objections.
4 Angels! This is a wonderful, fanciful, yet quick erotic Halloween tale. If you want an entertaining, quick read filled
with erotic innuendos and a very sensual pursuit, then The Buccaneer is a book for you. - Fallen Angels Review

4.5 Nymphs! This couple had enough sparks to bring a dead man back to life.  I hope there is a follow-up story
because I am dying to know what happens next. Nia K. Foxx delivered another must read. - Literary Nymphs

I loved the interplay and interaction between the two main characters in The Buccaneer. - Joyfully Review
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Interracial,
Shapeshifter, menage

Publisher: After Dark

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The Buccaneer
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Interracial,
Length: Novella
After Dark Press

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4 Cherries...The characters were so real and so intense. It’s a book for any shifter fan and a definite first read
for a shifter virgin! -Whipped Cream Review

You Gotta Read...The hero and heroine were perfectly matched wit for wit and their mating scenes were hot. You
couldn’t ask for more in a book when you get shifters, mystery, hot scenes, and could it be love. Ms. Foxx did an
excellent job of creating a story where the reader is pulled in and has no desire of getting out. You Gotta Read
this one!! - You Gotta Read Review

4 Nymphs...Nia K. Foxx produced a tantalizing plot that is action packed, amusing and sensual with a touch of
kink. I very much enjoyed this exciting saga. - Literary Nymphs

If you are looking for something slightly different in a shape shifter or interracial romance then I think you too will
thoroughly enjoy To the Victor Goes the Spoils.  This was my first romance by Ms. Foxx and it will not be my last.
- Joyfully Reviewed

4 Angels...Watching her reaction to her encounter in bear country was priceless...I found To the Victor Goes the
Spoils to be an interesting read that is sure to entertain those who enjoy the genre. - Fallen Angels
"Ms. Foxx has a special way of making immortal characters that we so often fear into likable people with human characteristics."
Lt Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"...An erotic tale that should not be missed."
-Tewanda, Fallen Angels Reviews

"This book was great. I love all things vampire, true, but this one is really, really good. The twist of a halfling race is just mind

"... delivers passion, solid characters, and an endearing plot."
-Tara Renee, Two Lips Reviews
Hard-hitting reporter Kyra Littleton is
about to take on the most
flight to Transylvania, Kyra starts
having erotic dreams. However, in the
morning's light her dreams turn
out to be reality and she learns more
than she bargained for at the
hands of her new boss, Dumitri Dracul.
No Way Out
Genre: Interracial,
Shapeshifters, and Fantasy
Length: Novella

Publisher: After Dark Press
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It wasn’t just a story for Tiffany Sinclair,
bringing two of LA’s major drug lords to
justice had become her mission. Only, what
she uncovers puts her in danger of losing her
heart as well as her life.

Ramj Oloff (aka. Konstantin Malovich)
wanted nothing more than to rush through
the King’s latest assignment and get back to
his training fields. However, some would be
Arms dealers and a damsel in distress ha
him rethinking his priorities.
The Vampire & the Reporter
(formerly: Fantasy Come True)
Genre: Interracial, Vampire and
Length: Novella

Publisher: After Dark Press
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Amanda Jo Spoils needed some major alone time. She was tired
of Pride life and the pampered, self-indulgent attitude of its male
members. To think that she was expected to find a mate among
the shallow pool of men, most of which had at least one
possessive female already! She hadn’t spent four years in
Special Forces and completed two tours in Iraq to come home
and cater to the wants of any man. No, Amanda had some
serious thinking to do about her future, and the wilds of Alaska
seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

But, boy, are the shifters restless in bear country! Not only has
she fallen into the middle of a mystery surrounding an ancient
artifact, but now she has not one, but two Alpha shifters
determined to make her their mate. She can play them off
against each other, but what happens when one wins? Amanda
doesn't want a man, or a shifter, especially not a dominant
one… But oh, how she secretly longs to be a submissive, the
spoils of their Alpha war.
Lt Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"...An erotic tale that should not be missed."
-Tewanda, Fallen Angels Reviews

"This book was great. I love all things vampire, true, but this one is really, really good. The twist of a halfling race is just mind

"... delivers passion, solid characters, and an endearing plot."
-Tara Renee, Two Lips Reviews
As an orphan, astronaut, Dallas Mann learned the
value of self-reliance and preservation at an early
age. As an adult she’s determined to live her life
on her own terms, just as soon as she can get
from under the pesky Orphanage contract. Only
one more mission stood between her and freedom.

What she isn’t prepared for is being lost, light
years from home and claimed.
Genre(s): Sci-fi, Romance,
Theme(s): Alpha, Capture

Publisher: After Dark Press

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